What if Project Starline was a Restaurant?

Technology aside ( and the technology is insane) there was a moment that struck me, where a woman reaches out as if to touch a person impossibly far away. This fleeting instance is followed by another - a passing pan across what feels like an intimate conversation taking place in a booth at a local diner.

When last did you reach out to touch someone on a Zoom call?
When last did you reach out to touch someone on a Zoom call?

As Matt Mireles quickly pointed out, the hardware is as immense as the technology - surely a significant barrier to entry for anyone but the 99%.

Who is going to pay that kind of money for a zoom call?

Starline as an experience is different though. This feels special, it feels like an occasion – something you’d get dressed up for. This is as close to being with a person as you could possibly be when separated by thousands of miles.

It got me thinking about those intimate moments I saw in the video, and how Google Starline Diners could completely change “video conferencing” for non-conferencing use cases forever.

Google Starline Diners

Imagine, for a moment, a Diner in which you and your partner – perhaps separated by thousands of miles – feel like you’re in the same place because you are.

Each Starline Diner would be designed in such a way to appear as if the person you’re “with” is with you; sharing the same environment, absorbing the same ambiance, reflecting the same light.

You share a meal, ordering off the same menu. You peruse identical winelists. The Job To Be Done here is not making a call or having a meeting but connection, intimacy, and sharing a moment.

And that is priceless for millions of people around the world for whom a meal, drink, or coffee together in the literal sense is impossible.

The Video: Introducing Starline: